Features and benefits of baby walkers

baby walkers have become a popular source of amusement for babies these days. A lot of parents buy these walkers for their babies because they think they can help them develop the ability to walk on their own. This claim however is not agreed upon by everyone. some specialists believe this to be false. anyways, if you have decide to buy a walker for your baby, there are a number of factors that you need to take into account. the first thing is safety. do you want to risk the safety of your baby with a poor walker that is cheap or affordable or would you rather spend a few more dollars and get something safe an decent?



The best bikes for students on campus

As a college student you should seriously consider investing money into a good bicycle because it really great to have for your college years. Bike riding is not just practical on campus but it’s also great for the health of the students. Most students spend several hours per day sitting at the desk either at the library or in college or even in that door.

Riding a bicycle from one block to another is one way of breaking these protein and getting your muscles and body work out. Some students don’t even bother to go to the gene or exercise and by riding a bicycle they can compensate for this mishap. But you should certainly consider buying a great bicycle and not just a poor quality one because it will perform better and last longer.



Otoscope buying guide 2016

welch allyn otoscope amazon
welch allyn otoscope amazon

To choose the right otoscope there are a number of things and factors to take into consideration. You cannot buy an otoscope just based on its appearance and how it looks. The features and functionality are the most important things that you should check and learn about. Compare the different prices and the feature sets that are offered by each model before you finally commit to buying any particular product such as the welch allyn otoscope amazon which is considered to be a bestseller on amazon.

welch allyn otoscope amazon
welch allyn otoscope amazon



Tips for buying a TENS unit

There are many manufacturers TENS unit on the market today. The various TENS machines that will find on sale online are made by various companies and include different features and functionalities. Before you jump in and buy yourself the best TENS unit for home use 2016, you first need to learn more about the device and how it can help you. There are many people buying these devices with little knowledge about their functionality and their use. The first thing you need to consider is why you need to buy a TENS unit. You should set your expectations for the kind of results that you get from using the TENS unit.

The major factors

there are many things that you need to know about TENS unit’s including the functionality and also the common features. Anymore than TENS unit should include a number of features have become basic and standard. Below provide a quick breakdown of some of these features and functions that have become standard in TENS unit’s today.

The size of the LED display

your TENS unit will probably have an LED display screen which will allow you to read the information and notifications that the device provide you with. You will want this display screen to be large enough and to give you clear information about the different settings of your TENS machine. This will allow you to keep an eye on how the device is functioning and if there is anything that you need to change.

Controls and buttons

most TENS unit have a number of different buttons and touchpads that allow you to adapt and adjust the different settings of the machine. The buttons should be properly labeled and clearly identified. They should also be easy and user-friendly. This will allow you to easily access and change the different settings and parameters of your TENS device.

Battery operation

many TENS unit’s today have the capability of running on batteries as well as running using the power cable. You will want your TENS device to have both options. The battery will make the TENS unit portable and very handy whereas the AC adapter will allow you to run the TENS unit even if the battery is flat. You should make sure that the battery is designed to be easy to replace and can be fit quickly.

Portable Device to Relieve Joint and Muscle Pain

  • Single Channel (Connects 2 electrode pads)
  • Highly-effective in treating a single area
  • User-Friendly
  • 6 Massage Styles
  • Has controls for massage intensity
  • Compact – can be used at home or on the go
  • 2-Year Warranty


  • Animated LCD display
  • Output that allows 2 pads for simultaneous use
  • Rechargeable internal lithium-ion battery
  • Timer that automatically turns of the machine after each massage session

The Echo Massager Pro package is inclusive of:

  • Echo Massager unit
  • Large pads – 1 set
  • Pad wires – 1 set
  • AC adapter/charger – for wall outlet
  • USB cable – for charging using a computer
  • Step By Step instruction booklet
  • Acupuncture chart – pad application guide for common treatment areas

How does and Echo Massager Work?

Echo Massagers are Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or TENS machines that deliver low voltage electric currents to provide relief from all kinds of pain. The electric current travels along the two electrodes and passes through the skin to stimulate the nerve fibers in the targeted area. A tingling sensation can be felt once the nerve fibers are engaged by the electric current.

The Echo Massager produces millions of minute electrical impulses that travel quickly along your never fibers, overriding the slower pain impulses. Outnumbered by the relaxing TENS stimulation, pain signals are diminished and relief from discomfort is achieved. Aside from blocking the pain signals, the electrical impulses produced by the Echo Massager can also stimulate the release of natural painkillers within the body, the endorphins.

Why Choose the Echo Massager?

Say goodbye to pain by using the Echo Massager! This effective TENS unit offers relief from both acute and chronic pain. Those suffering from arthritis, headaches, primary dysmenorrhea, and post-surgical pain have all reported a decrease in painful sensations or a complete disappearance of aches.

What sets the Echo Massager apart from other mini pulse massagers is its assurance of quality and reliable performance. As one of the best investments in the wellness market, you can have a therapeutic massage without the exorbitant costs. This machine is small and discrete, so you can use it at your convenience, whether in the office or at home.

Handheld Vacuums Reviews

Hand-held or portable vacuum cleaners are the newest kind of cleaning appliances that came about in the past 10 years due to the improvement of portable rechargeable power supplies such as Nickel-Cadmium batteries (Ni-Cad) and Lithium Polymer Ion batteries (Li-Pol). The improvement brought about these types of batteries has enabled designers to create smaller types of portable vacuum cleaners that you can virtually bring anywhere that also has the adequate power to efficiently give you the results that you want in a portable vacuum cleaner. Portable hand-held vacuum cleaners have the advantage of mobility compared to those of corded vacuum cleaners, though they may require frequent charging and a limitation of suction power to that or corded vacuums.

Bissell 3624 Professional Spot Cleaner:

Bissell is one of those vacuum cleaner companies that began to think “small” in regards to implementing new design concepts to their new line of portable vacuum cleaners. Despite of it’s small appearance. It has 3 kinds of functionality that it is all integrated in one small package. The 3624 Professional Spot Cleaner can simultaneously wash, vacuum and dry at the same time. Starting off at $104.98 dollars, the 3624 Professional Spot Cleaner is a light weight spot removing vacuum cleaner that can comply with your cleaning expectations and even more! With a 2 year warranty, the 3624 Professional Spot Cleaner is one of the most versatile multi function vacuum cleaner that can give you a satisfying result in comparison to it’s price and size.

Click Here For The Full Review 

Black and Decker FHV1200 FlexVac Cordless Ultra Compact Vacuum Cleaner

The Black and Decker FHV1200 FlexVac is one of the most versatile portable vacuum cleaner that Black and Decker has ever designed integrating the technology that they have already been using on their power tool products.  With a retail price of $49.98 dollars, the FHV1200 FlexVac has a 3 stage air filtering system that ensures that no amount of dust particle can ever get out of it’s dust container. Weighing in at 2 pounds, it is one of the lightest portable vacuum cleaners in the market today which comes with a 2 year warranty on parts and labor. An excellent choice if you want to clean an area in a hurry without the need to pull out a bigger vacuum cleaner that you have to plug in the wall. A sure choice for people on the go, the FHV1200 FlexVac is one of the most versatile vacuum cleaners that you can use in a jiffy that really gets the job done in short notice.

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Black & Decker Platinum 20-Volt Max Lithium Ion Flex Vacuum

The  BDH2000FL FLEX vacuum has a very powerful motor in consideration to it’s size and has two times the battery life than it’s predecessor the FHV12000. Driving it’s powerful motor is a 3000 milliampere Lithium Ion battery that gives a full straight running time of 18 minutes. Charging time usually takes 4 hours to complete in order for you to use it in regards to it’s full potential . The Lithium Ion battery technology that the BDH2000FL FLEX uses is the same as the ones we use in our cell phones which is not prone to battery memory effect. The 4 foot suction hose lets you clean those hard to reach places which are not accessible when using conventional vacuum cleaners. Charging the BDH2000FL FLEX is has been made so convenient by means of a charging indicator that notifies you when it has reached it’s complete charge status. Measuring in at 11.9 inches by 7.7 inches and by 10.2 inches respectively and weighing in at 3.8 pounds, the  BDH2000FL FLEX comes in at a price of $129.99 dollars and with a 3 year Black and Decker guarantee. Included in it’s accessories is a crevice tool, a pet hair tool and a 2 in 1 brush tool.

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DeWALT DC515K Wet/Dry Vacuum

The DeWALT DC515K is an 18 volt Nickel-Cadmium rechargeable cordless wet and dry portable vacuum cleaner that is made by DeWALT, a well known manufacturer of power tools. It has a dual cleaning configuration which means that you can use the vacuum cleaner on it’s own as a portable hand held unit or you can detach it’s rubber hose from it’s mounting and use it’s extension nozzle. Since it has a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, it has a built in ½ gallon containment compartment for liquid storage purposes. Both the liquid containment unit and the waste compartment are securely fastened by an easy open latch which is a convenient way to refill and dispose of any liquid or substance that has accumulated in its storage bin as well as making it easy to clean.

It has a Gore HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtering system that can trap 99.97% of dust particulates as small as 0.3 microns. It’s HEPA filter can be easily removed and be washed by just plain water. The  DeWALT DC515K’s durable rubber hose was designed to stand impact and other physical abuses that it could encounter through the duration of it’s use. Weighing in at 6 pounds, the  DeWALT DC515K is mostly a standard appliance in the workshop as it is used more often by craftsmen in cleaning out debris in the workplace such as furniture shops and other wood working related establishments. Priced at $129 dollars, the  DeWALT DC515K is compatible with other DeWALT cordless power tools that run on the same type of rechargeable batteries, making the availability of parts, particularly the batteries, very easy to come by. Backed up by a 3 year limited warranty and a 90 day money back guarantee if you ever feel that you are not satisfied with the  DeWALT DC515K’s performance.

Natural Latex Beds – To make your Dreams come True

Sleeping peacefully through the night is essential for having a good start the next morning. Natural latex beds will give you a calm sleep and ensure a charged up and energetic body to take on the challenges of daily activities.

What is Natural Latex bed?
The mattress on natural latex beds comes from heven brasiliensis or the rubber tree. The rubber tree secretes white milk-like juice when its bark is cut. Whipping and baking then treating this white substance converts it into a material that we know as natural latex. It is the best-known natural material used for mattresses or padding. The process does not harm the tree.

Just like foam beds, the natural latex beds do not contain springs. The central part of the Natural Latex beds is pure latex. This core is 6 inches thick for extra comfort. Then there is a smooth cover of stretchable, 100 percent organic, cotton and pure wool. On the outer side is a green colored cotton fabric.

Components of Natural Latex Beds
Natural latex beds make use of all natural components. The fabric, which is used for its mattress, is also organic cotton. Other substances present in natural latex beds, besides 90 to 95 percent natural latex are:
– 2 to 3 percent zinc oxide
– 1 to 2 percent fatty acid soaps
– 1 to 2 percent sulfur
– 1 to 2 percent sodium
These substances have to be used in little quantities during the process of manufacturing of natural latex beds. Most of it evaporates and the end product is washed at least three times.

Benefits of Natural Latex
Natural latex beds provide some exclusive health benefits. They take the shape of the curves of your body, as you lie on them. They help to prevent force points during your sleeping hours. Natural Latex is an outstanding material, which gives a soft hold to your body. It invigorates you and keeps you in perfect physical condition. It lasts for a very long time, giving you the full value for your money.

Natural latex beds readily adapt to your body and relieve muscular strain. This reduces and also eliminates interrupted sleep patterns and gives you a healthy body.

Natural latex beds also weigh above your regular beds and mattresses in many ways. They are free from all sorts of allergens, irritants like sulfur or boric acid, do not promote the growth of microbes by virtue of being dust, mite and mildew resistant, are odor free, and give a natural support to your back. Natural Latex beds are also completely biodegradable.

Choosing the Right Bed for You
Natural latex beds are available in three degrees of stiffness’ hard, medium, and soft. Choosing the right rigidity will depend on your requirement. If you are switching over to natural latex beds because of a back problem, hard or medium natural latex beds would be right for you. Natural Latex beds are especially beneficial for people who are prone to allergies or are sensitive to certain synthetic materials. It has the advantage of being 100 percent natural.

While buying Natural Latex beds, you may get confused between natural latex and talalay latex. Talalay latex also uses latex as its main component, but only up to 40 percent. The rest is synthetic. It combines the best qualities of both natural latex and synthetic. Where natural latex gives it smooth and comfortable feel, synthetic increases its life span.

Natural Latex Products
Besides natural latex beds, natural latex is used for mattresses, pillows, cushions, mattress toppers, and floor beds. Introduce it to your life and you will never complain of a disturbed sleep.

Ariens Max Zoom 60-Inch Zero Turn Review

The Ariens Max Zoom 60-inch zero turn is as near commercial quality as one could possibly hope for. The biggest difference is the price does not reflect one of a commercial mower. It’s priced as a large residential zero turn.

As with most anything we shop for, there are always good reasons to buy as well as good reasons not to buy.  First let’s take a look at the positives.

Reasons you may want to consider the Ariens Max Zoom 60-Inch Zero Turn:

1. The large 60-inch deck is made of 10-gauge fabricated and welded steel. Just the fact that it’s 10-gauge makes it an incredibly strong deck.

2. The Twin ZT3100 Hydrostatic Trans axles make the Ariens Max Zoom 60-inch zero turn highly powerful. This riding mower will take on hills without even a sputter.

Another good reason for owning this particular ZTR is if you have a lawn business and don’t really have anything to get you up hills, this one will do it with no problem. This contains the added advantage of being able to take on more business without worrying about the terrain of the property you might be adding to the mix, that could prevent making the mistake of agreeing to take on a new account and then finding out you have to get another mower just to handle that particular piece of property.

3. The Ariens Max Zoom 60-inch zero turn is rabbit fast. It goes up to 8 miles per hours in forward speed and up to 4-miles per hour in reverse.

Then there is the fact that it has a capacity to hold 7-gallons of fuel . That is critical if you’re taking care of other people’s lawns. One of the last things you want to do is re-fuel all the time when you’re on the job. Time is money and re-fueling doesn’t make you a penny. Plus, there are 3 anti-scalp wheels which is crucial because the last thing you want to do, and it’s common in ZTs that are cutting on uneven terrain, is scalp yours or someone elses lawn. The anti-scalp wheels will ensure the deck floats over the terrain really nicely leaving a perfectly even, professional cut. If you all take that under consideration, then it’s wise to own the Ariens Max Zoom 60-Inch Zero Turn.

That is the good side of this big ZTR by Ariens. There is also a negative side. So let’s talk about the various disadvantages.

Drawbacks: Reasons Against the Ariens Max Zoom 60-Inch Zero Turn

1. You really need ample place to store this. The foot-print on this machine is large. It’s just over 75-inches wide.

Some people simply don’t have enough space available to house  the Ariens Max Zoom 60-Inch Zero Turn, so that could be the deal breaker. It might be a factor to avoid getting this particular ztr.

2. It won’t fit through a gate. If you are purchasing a riding mower for your own  personal use, you’ll probably have to install a second gate door. The standard gate size is normally around 38 Inches.

So, a double door gate would be 76 inches wide, but you’d have to have REALLY good aim to pull that off.

3. The Ariens Max Zoom 60-inch zero turn is only available to be purchased online.

One more justification in avoiding owning this riding mower is if you are the type who needs to try before you buy. But I can tell you that the Max Zoom is at least double the comfort of the Ariens Zoom ztrs and they are all extremely comfortable

And so that is that. There are the advantages and disadvantages of the Ariens Max Zoom 60-Inch zero turn, and now you know what they are. This may not be the ZTR that everyone wants or needs. But for the person looking for one of this size, this riding mower will not disappoint them in the least. At least with the information above, you can now look at the specifications and the customer reviews and make an informed decision.

Rheem Ecosense 6.4GPM Natural Gas Indoor Tankless Water Heater

Rheem Ecosense 6.4GPM Natural Gas Indoor Tankless Water Heater ECO150DVLN3Rheem Ecosense 6.4GPM Natural Gas Indoor Tankless Water Heater ECO150DVLN3.

Rheem Ecosense 6.4 GPM Natural Gas Indoor Tankless Water Heater ECO150DVLN3. For sale is a Rheem Ecosense 6.4 GPM Natural Gas Indoor Tankless Gas Water Heater ECO150DVLN3. This item comes in the original box, but the box has been opened for inspection. Also, the box has some physical damage. This water heater is in great condition with no apparent dents or cosmetic flaws. It does not appear to have been used. Please view all photos, and read all product information. What is pictured is what you will receive. We are unable to test these Rheem water heaters. Product Info: The Rheem EcoSense ECO150DVLN3 Indoor Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater can provide up to 6.4 GPM at a 35° temperature rise.

The 150,000 BTU Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater is designed to supply continuous hot water for up to 1 or 2 bathrooms at the same time. It heats water only when it’s needed and has a 0.82 energy factor. This compact heater exceeds the requirements for many utility rebate programs and also qualifies for the Energy Star program.

It comes with a remote digital thermostat that can be installed in almost any convenient area of the house. This model can be used at elevations up to 9,840 ft.

Brand: Rheem

  • Model: ECO150DVLN3
  • MPN: Does Not Apply
  • Energy Star: Compliant
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan


So this Planet has been discovered and the question beckons !!!   

Kepler Space Telescope images taken of a new find!                             New planet discovered 2014 !
Nsas Kepler new planet   
                                                                                                                                                   Is this the first discovery of planetary bodies out there in order to tick along progress in the perception of those who follow the trend of “affairs”?

Astronomers discover the first Earth Sized planet

Is there a story not being told about much more or do people think we are on the UP on what’s going on.

AsTaken By Kepler -186f , which currently resides in the Cygnus constellation situated around 500 light years from Earth.                  Lets quickly put that into context. Our Milkyway Galaxy is around 100,000 from one side to the other.

Now the Cygnus system is home to 4 neighbouring planets which together orbit a star, half the size and mass of our Sun.

Although other planets have been discovered in the habitable zone, these planets are at least 40% larger than Earth .

Again some context.

Our Sun represents 99.8% of our Solar System mass, the 4 gas Giants together represent 99% of the balance of 0.2%.

This Star is defined as an M  or Red Dwarf and these types make up 70% of the stars in our galaxy.

Nasa’s Kepler Finds First Earth Sized Planet

Comfort Line Products Spa-N-A-Box Portable Spa

People are looking for the great hot tub spa and massage for relaxing their mind and body. Unfortunately, not all of them get the right hot tub brand even though they have spent more budget. It is not like other portable hot tubs that have some issues, Comfort Line Products Spa-N-A-Box Portable Spa comes with a better design where it looks stylish and more modern even you place it indoor and outdoor. It has fashionable design, so after months and even years, it still looks amazing.

Details and Features:

  • Easy installation
  • Plug and Play
  • No plumbing required
  • Relaxing Turbo Wave Massage
  • Solid-state thermostically controlled

Comfort Line Products Spa-N-A-Box Portable Spa has great and awesome design. As portable hot tub even it comes with higher quality material with nice concept. So, it has longer durability. This hot tub can accommodate 4 to 5 adult people. It is awesome, isn’t it? It has easy to setup too. You don’t need any tools to set it up. Anyone without any skills can assemble all parts of the spa not more than 20 minutes. It is great with no plumping and wiring is needed.

This hot tub has excellent heater system that can heat the water in just minutes and sure it is completed with efficient energy consumption where it will lock the heat loss and keep the water warm for longer time. It has safety feature like controlled heater with freeze for a protection. It is perfected with 1 HP Turbo Wave Massage System for great message experience. You can compare with other products from other brands.

There are many people have been satisfied with this products. Even there is a homeowner has this Comfort Line Products Spa-N-A-Box Portable Spa since 2007 and till today, it still works so well without and significant issues. Yup, many people have bought and give five star ratings as their thumbs up for the designs, awesome material and heater system. Then what about you?

Why Would You Want Bike Helmets?

kids bike helmetsInjuries never rap on your own door before they hit on you. Which means that protection and your safety on your way to an excellent extent, or even wholly, rests for you. Therefore, it is essential that you utilize kids bike helmets which have eventually become a requirement for most of the cyclists.

You will find opportunities which you might later on for those who haven’t taken a drop in your face. In a few injuries, the helmets can significantly minimize the chance of head injury that is serious but it’ll also be dependent upon the character of the harm. A lot of people believe that injuries happen just on roads that are busy, but that’s far in the reality. For seasoned riders too although they cannot only occur in the instance of beginners. Therefore, it is extremely essential for each type of bicycle to put on a kids bike helmets no matter expertise or his age.

kids bike helmets

Besides protecting you, the brilliant colours of helmets also help other motorists to see you. In addition, they keep your face safe in the elements of the weather such as the rain, the Sun as well as hail. It’s obviously not a god idea, in the event you’d like to save up on several dollars by not investing in a helmet. Just picture the amount of cash in the event that you sustain a head injury, you’ll need to pay on enormous medical bills.

Want Bike Helmets?

You should maintain several things in your mind while choosing a helmet on your own. A first-class quality bike needs to not be unable to absorb impact energy to ensure brain injury may be avoided. A few of the kids bike helmets possess a strap, a lining as well as a casing as well as a buckle.

In the event you are seeking high-quality bike helmets, see . They got grownups along with the strong helmets for kids. Besides bicycle helmets, there is also an extensive variety of ski helmets along with mulch – sports helmets.

Less Stress, More Security With Bike Helmets For Our Children

Let alone if without damaging their selves, our children need to ride a bike around our backyard and road. We constantly need because, as parents, we understand it’s important to safeguard our children from injury ensure the security of our children. Great thing bike helmets for children will also be offered to make us worried about their safety.

But can we actually ensure the helmets we select are not dangerous? How can we understand in the event our children will be actually protected by the helmets? This is the reason why we must learn the best way to decide for our children to get the security protection we kids bike helmets plus they desire.

kids bike helmets

It is necessary to consider decals or labels provided for helmets which mean their security standards have been passed by the helmets.

We must determine which kind of masks we need our children to get after assessing the safety standard of the helmets. There are usually two forms of bike helmets for children; the soft shell as well as the tough shell helmets.

The soft shell helmets are much more comfortable and lighter. It is advisable to select which kind they prefer and which type suits our children.

It’s also vital that you ensure the kids bike helmets will fit nicely into our kids’ heads. It is best to bring our children when we’re planning to purchase bike helmets for them to let us provide the helmets on their heads that are real. The helmet must not be overly free to proceed in almost anyways. The helmet should too loose to cause pain on our children heads.

Oster Blender Review – The BVCB07-Z Speed Blender

Any way you slice it the Oster blender has been giving cooks, chefs, and homemakers around the world the one appliance they need to perform a wide variety of kitchen tasks since the brand debuted in the mid 1920s.

Today there are several lines of Oster blenders to choose from in varying speeds, shapes, and sizes including hand blenders, commercial grade blenders, and the BVC07-Z model is one of the most popular thanks to its durability, versatility, and seven different speeds.

This review of the BVC07-Z Oster blender will give you an outline of all the product’s highlights, main features and advantages, and a few other points to consider allowing you to make an informed decision if you are in the market for a new blender.


With a sleek silver and black finish this Oster blender has an attractive appearance allowing it to look great sitting on any countertop in any style of kitchen. Its stylish design and modest size also makes it possible for it to fit nicely even in areas where free space is at a minimum.

With the BVC-07-Z Oster blender you can tackle the lightest to the toughest of kitchen processes and handle an incredible number of different recipes for everything from appetizers to desserts to soups to snacks all with one reasonably priced appliance.

And because Oster blender replacement parts are easy to obtain from authorized vendors online you won’t have to worry about searching for a certain part should you ever need one.

Main Features:

Durability Inside and Out

The durability of the BVC-07-Z 6 speed Oster blender is unrivaled giving testament to the well known Oster name and its line of various reliable household products and small appliances.

To begin with, the blender’s motor is built with an all metal drive system instead of using plastic parts to increase its performance life and the six point star stainless steel blade along with the four point blender blade contribute to offer professional and consistent results.

The 60 ounce glass jar is also rather durable as it is scratch resistant, dishwasher safe, and even shock tested with extreme temperatures.

Advantage: With an Oster blender you know you will be paying for a top of the line appliance built to last and withstand plenty of regular use.

Multiple Speed Settings

Although this Oster blender features seven different speeds its one touch operation makes it simple to use even if you are new to the world of blending foods for using in an array of mouthwatering recipes.

Make all types of drinks, desserts, dips, dressings, sauces, soups, and stews and process fruits, vegetables, nuts, meats, cheeses, and a whole lot more.

Advantage: Blend, chop, mix, pulse, puree, and crush ice all with one affordable yet powerful appliance that does the work of a blender and a food processor.

Powerful Reversible Motor

600 watts of power drive this blender’s motor enabling it to process ice perfectly with the stainless steel “ice crusher” blade. The reversing motor on this Oster blender works by alternating the blades forward and then backward which draws the ingredients up and down for expert blending every time.

And because of the alternating action the need for continually scraping the sides of the blender to ensure all of the ingredients are mixed is no longer necessary.

Advantage: Enjoy the reliability that the Oster name provides with the consistent performance and professionally built motor and its unique reversing action.

Oster BVCB07-Z 6-Cup Glass Jar 7-Speed Blender, Stainless Steel

Technical Specifications:

Color: Silver and black
Dimensions: 13.80″ x 8.50″ x 10.20″ (H x W x D)
Jar Capacity: 60 ounces
Jar Material: Glass
Motor: All metal drive system
Power: 600 watts
Preprogrammed Settings: Yes; time and function
Speeds: 6
Warranty: 1 year limited
Weight: 6.6 pounds

Other Considerations

  • Also included with the purchase of this Oster blender is the six cup glass jar with lid that doubles as a two ounce measuring cup, user manual, and one year limited warranty.
  • The only notable complaint by consumers regarding this Oster blender is its noise level, which, according to users, is a bit louder than the average blender. However, because the motor is so powerful and able to chop through the densest, toughest of ingredients, an elevated noise level is to be expected.

Where to Buy

  • When it comes to buying an Oster blender we recommend using the link below to go the world’s best online retailer.Rest assured that your payments and private information will be secure while taking advantage of favorable shipping terms.
  • When buying valuable items like this particular Oster blender you will want to make sure you are using a trusted retailer who offers the best prices and service possible as well as a wide selection of Oster blender replacement parts.

Best Road Bikes Under $300

Exercising Outdoors with Good Quality Road Bike

There are many great ways to keep fit. One need not spend a lot of money on gym memberships and exercise equipment. Who wants to exercise indoors when you can exercise outdoors and admire the beauty of nature at the same time?

Exercising outdoors is much more fun and fulfilling. One of the great ways to keep fit and spend little money at the same time is to go biking. Bikes today have become very affordable. They come in various designs, color and sizes. If you are looking for a great bike, look no further than the popular road bikes under $300 here.

1. Takara Kabuko Road Bike

The Takara Kabuko road bike is made of handcrafted steel frame and comes with horizontal dropouts which add more strength and durability to it. It will not fall apart easily like other brands which are made of materials with lesser strength.

The bike’s superior frame can take on pot holes and other road imperfections easily. At under 30 pounds, the bike is the perfect companion for cycling around the city. It can also accommodate riders who are more than 6 feet tall.

Pros of the Takara Kabuko Road Bike

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Affordable.


  • Difficult to assemble.

2. Vilano Road Bike

Weighing only an impressive 24 punds, the Vilano road bike is much lighter than most bikes of the same kind sold today. It is actually one of the lightest bikes in its class.

Affordability is one of the main concerns of people when buying bikes and this one will not fail you at all. At less than $300, it will give you your money’s worth.

The Villano road bike is also one of the easiest to out together and use, even for beginners. The bike will not break down easily because it is made of sturdy steel.

  • Double butted aluminium frame
  • Handlebar mounted shifters
  • Free pedals with purchase
  • 7-speed freewheel

Pros of the Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano

  • Lightweight.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Ease of use.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Sharp and neat look.
  • Durable.


  • Poor brakes

3. Giordano Rapido Road Bike

The is very light, at only a little over 26 pounds. It is a bike made especially made for people who would like to go cycling around the city. The durable Giordano road bike has a steel frame, steel fork, alloy side pull breaks, alloy rims and alloy hub.

The Giordano Rapido is also equipped with Kenda tires. At a little over 26 pounds, it is one of the lightest bikes today. The handcrafted steel frame gives it durability and strength.

Pros of the Giordano Rapido Road Bike

  • Lightweight
  • Made for city riding
  • Durable.


  • Meant for tall riders

4. Track Fixie Single Speed Road Bike

The Fixie single speed road bike is indeed one of the best road bikes today. The frame is made of steel and it comes with double walled wheels with machined sides, fixed gears and threadless forks. This bike will certainly give you your money’s worth down to the last cent. It is one of the best bikes you can buy for only $250.

Pros of the Track Fixie Single Speed Road Bike

  • Great value for money
  • Durable


  • Cheap materials 

5. Retrospec Fixie Road Bike

A unique bike with red rims and black frame, the Restrospect Fixie road bike has a steel frame with barspin clearance. The double walled super deep V wheels and rubbersoft grips give the bike accuracy, reliability and comfort.

There are also high 3 piece cranks to choose from. Made from high-quality materials, one of the best things about the Retrospec Fixie Beta Series El Diablo bike are the tires. They are not the tires you would expect from an affordable bike.

Pros of the Retrospec Fixie Road Bike

  • Stylish
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Value for money
  • Affordable


  • Delivered in a hurry

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